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Are You Ready To Live Untamed?

Life doesn't have to be a struggle.

Life doesn't have to be hard.

You don't have to be alone.

You can have money and freedom.

And a life you LOVE!

You Can Live An Orgasmic Life.

Life can be luscious and delicious.

What would be possible for you, your relationships, your life, your business, your finances, and all your life experiences ... if you allowed yourself have it ALL?

I Am Ready To Have It All!

Join me and other women for 8 weeks in a small intimate Orgasmic Life Inner Circle, where we will get turned on, get our juices flowing, and seductively magnetize our dream life to us.

What would be possible for you, your relationships, your life, your business, your finances, and all your life experiences ...

if you allowed yourself to Live An Orgasmic Life?

Imagine with me for a moment... It is the end of the 8 weeks. 

You wake up ready to pop out of bed, energized with some pep in your step. You really love how you feel in your own skin. You feeling sexy and radiant. Oooo La La! You are passionate about what you do and feel very fulfilled. You are supported and loved in your close relationships. You feel more joy and happiness flowing though you then you have in years. Your life seems so different. No more complaining or worrying. You have new tools within you to call upon to create anything your heart desires. 


Nourishment For Your Mind, Body & Soul 

What I have waiting for you inside 

The Inner Circle

What Can You Expect From the Program?

Module 1: Turn Off - Limiting Beliefs, Barriers, & Bullsh*t Stories

Module 2: Tune In - Embody Your Femininity & Your Authenticity

Module 3: Turn On - Learn to feel Safe to Bring More Of You Alive

Module 4: Turn Up - Your Feminine Magnetism

Module 5: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Module 6: The Art of Receiving - Make Love To Life & Have It Make Love To You

Module 7: Luscious & Juicy - How To Squeeze The Juice Out of Life

Module 8: Desires & Dreams: How to Navigate Them Powerfully

The Ultimate Program For The Woman Who Wants It ALL!! 

I Am Ready To Have It ALL!

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Who Is This For

  • You want everyday to feel like Christmas
  • You are ready to put yourself first.
  • You are ready to make your self-care a priority.
  • You are ready to love and be loved fully. feels guilty doing anything for herself.
  • You are feeling there is more and you are ready to be, do and have it all.
  • You are ready to empower those around you to take ownership of their choices, decisions and life.
  • You are ready to manage your emotions.
  •  You are ready to feel great in your body.
  • You are ready to express yourself authentically. 

Who Is This Not For



Is This A Sex Class? 

No - I do not teach sex although a woman might bring up her relationship to her intimacy and other sensitive subjects, the Mastermind doesn't focus on sex. 


Pay In Full


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3 Payments


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All the prices above are for the 8 Week Orgasmic Life Mastermind Progam


Get started living your Orgasmic Life Now!!!

You Deserve It All, Now Let's Get You Started To Having It ALL!

Are you ready to be my next success story?


I Am Your Feminine Liberator

Founder of the #MeFirst Movement

I help women break free of the conditioned cages that keep you trapped so you can reclaim your sensuality, sexuality, power, and wild freedom hidden within.

  • Make Youself A Priority 

  • Pleasure & Play Are The Feminine Way

  • Be Wild. Be Free. Be Untamed. Be YOU!

My primary goal is to empower you to tap in and trust yourself again, rediscover your authentic self, learn to be comfortable in your skin, allow and receive your desires and dreams, so you CAN HAVE IT ALL!!!

But Hey, Don't Take My Word For It!

See what others are saying about Marianne and Orgasmic Living...

"Helped Me Set My Empress FREE"

"Through Marianne St Clair's workshops and coaching, I learned to embrace and unleash my inner empress.

Marianne zeroed in with incredible accuracy into the specific muse energy that I was missing in my life, work, and interactions.

I had been really scared to tap into my sovereignty and was unsure about the reactions that such a change would bring about.

Marianne helped me to see the process of bringing my empress out to play as a simple process, like a game or a dance.

I still feel guided by her simple, caring, and no nonsense energy and words, that helped me to find the bravery to shoo away any remnants of self doubt and worry about how I would be perceived.

Seeing her faith in me, and being inspired to to feel it myself made accomplishing the steps towards my dream that I had been procrastinating on for years feel very easy.

Thank you so much, Marianne, for setting my empress free, and for tearing down the self-imposed barriers that were holding me back from bringing my gifts to the world!

KELLY LETTERI, https://www.findtangobliss.com

"I see results..."

"Marianne St Clair has assisted me in transforming my life in countless ways through her coaching, programs and I went on her Cruise With A Muse - 5 Day Intensive twice..

From toxic relationships to finding the love of my life, from working hard in my business to selling it and retiring to travel, healing after my diagnosis of breast cancer. I am Living My Orgasmic Life Fully Everyday in Every Way."

Debbie Manser, www.ridethebeaches.com.


"Marianne St. Clair is the most amazing guide and source of inspiration and support. 

In the past, I’ve had many coaches to help me grow and achieve my goals; Marianne by far has benefited me the most.

She is my advocate and partner. Marianne finds the feelings and dreams behind my work and goals. She knows the details of my life and always offers laser-sharp, powerful ideas and suggestions. She listens, truly listens, and presents recommendations with a light and kind touch, no “shoulds”.

I trust Marianne’s wisdom and care unconditionally. And she is so generous. 

I have never had a muse before and being “mused” by Marianne has been fun, enlightening, and creative. 

Marianne reminds me to claim my prosperity and successes as if they have already happened.

Since working with Marianne I have won many new customers and prosperity – truly. I have happily received both an unexpected and large inheritance and tax refund, and increased sales at my business a lot. 

I can’t recommend Marianne the Muse enough!

Sue Shalley, https://www.fsusurveyor.com

Are You Ready to Better Your Lifestyle and

Unleash Unlimited Joy So You Can Have It ALL?

It just takes 8 Weeks to change your bad habits, to change your lifestyle for the better. Here is you opportunity with a guided program and an ever encouraging support group. Join the Your Orgasmic Life Mastermind today!

I'm Ready To Have It All - Join Here

*Orgasmic Living Does Not Teach Sex 

Marianne St Clair - UnTAMED Dame