Speak UP And Speak OUT


Women Speaking Up

At our Speaking Up and Speaking Out workshops, attendees will gain valuable knowledge about how to get back to being the most important part change! The event is perfect for women who want to get better at effectively communicating and gain the confidence to Share Your Voice.


Find Your Voice

Women, mothers, sisters, the time is now. FIND YOUR VOICE. It was women at the front lines of emancipation, women’s rights, civil rights and war protest. Thus far the most unified rally call came from the Women’s March. The Patriarchy thinks we will keep quiet. This isn’t men vs women, black vs white, Christian vs Muslim. This is all of us for humanity, for Mother Earth, standing up for the vulnerable. Will you count yourself among the women who hid a slave or a Jew. Or will you be the woman who turned her eyes away?


Finding your voice and sharing your point of view is important.


We have many friends contacting us regularly in an effort to find their voice in this madness. They have been shushed, verbally abused on FB, told by their own mothers and sisters they aren’t being “nice” or loving or Christian —because they have an opinion. On their page. All of these friends are women. All of them are gentle posters. They couch their opinion in “kind” ways so as not to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings. And then BAM! Guess who’s feelings are hurt? Theirs. This isn’t a time to stay quiet. This isn’t a time to be polite. This is a time to speak up before it is too late. Before you lose our children in senseless wars where they are asked to kill other children. This isn’t right and somewhere you know it.


Speak up.


Your voice matters and it need not be perfect to be needed.