Lead With Love
Want a boost your sensual and sexual confidence, and your capacity for pleasure?
I can help you let go of pain so you can move on and focus on increased Pleasure. Sensual Pleasure is the way I know to deepen your love for yourself and others.
Here’s a guideline of what you can expect to learn in one-on-one time with me:
– Learn how your sexuality is inherent, and integrally tied, to your creative ability and creative power and to the creative process in a variety of different and surprising ways.
– Learn a wide range of sensual techniques, giving you a wide selection of “feelings” to pull from your tool box and tune into your sexuality.
– Strengthen your “break free” muscle , ie. Let go from the Drama and Trauma, so you can experience more connection and pleasure.
– Develop your sensual and body awareness – find put what pleases you.
– Learn to know what you want and how to ask for it.
– Skills that will help you “be in tune to your “YES”
– Increase your love making skills
I am available for private sessions, experiential workshops & retreats and personalized intensives.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to more pleasure, better relationship and deeper intimacy!

I offer 30 min free  and confidential Getting Aquainted call to reveal how you can be supported in creating a Sensualuscious Life and Love of your dreams.  

Give Marianne a call at 386-243-0039 to schedule your journey of transformation through blissful pleasure!
I work with ages 18 and over at all sensual and sexual skill levels. Can’t wait to get started with you!